VIDEO: Motorcyclist Chases Down Hit And Run Driver With GoPro Filming


Witnessing an accident take place can be pretty harrowing, but for one motorcyclist who saw a Mercedes weave and smash into several cars in Colton before fleeing the scene, the only right thing to do was chase down the driver and help police track him down.

His effort helped police find the hit-and-run driver who was later arrested on suspicion of DUI. The motorcyclist, known on You Tube as Dick Danger, recorded the crashes and the chase on video.

The clip shows a black Mercedes sedan driving at speed on the wrong side of the yellow line before sideswiping a car heading in the other direction.

The Mercedes then clips the back of a pickup truck and smashes into a Toyota Prius stopped at a light, crumpling the front section of the Mercedes and scaterring debris.

The driver of one of the struck cars confronts the man, who tries to make an escape despite the smashed-in front end.

Dick Danger promptly runs back to his motorcycle and gives chase, staying on the phone with 911 to give location information to officers. Bits of debris were still jetisoning from the Mercedes as he made pursuit.

You can watch the full video here: