Suzuki Reveal GSX-R125 and GSX-S125 UK Price

From Sempter 2017, the baby Gixxer, GSX-R125 arrives in dealerships, and with a pricepoint just shy of four grand (£3,999).

Suzuki promise the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration in the 125cc sportsbike class, claiming to have the lightest weight in its class, tipping the scales at just 134kg.

The single-cylinder bore is plated with Suzuki’s nickel-phosphorus-silicon-carbide, while a big-bore, 32mm throttle body and advanced, six-sensor, four-hole fuel injector assures smooth fuel delivery.

Setting the baby Gixxer somewhat apart is the new double overhead camshaft engine design (DOHC), which improves airflow at higher engine rpm and makes for more precise valve timing. A 4.3 litre airbox has been added to increase performance. 

Taking cues from bigger and more premium bikes, the GSX-R gets a new keyless ignition system  along with Suzuki’s easy-start system and a full LCD dash that displays a fuel gauge, clock, and gear position indicator, alongside speedo, tacho, and odometers, and an oil change indicator light. To keep things bright, there's a full LED headlight and LED taillights.

For commuters, the naked GSX-S125 will be available from £3,699. Using the same GSX-R developed 125cc engine, the S version gets a more upright riding position for that all-important  zipping through traffic in the city.

On a hire purchase finance deal, with a deposit of £977.86, the new GSX-R125 can be ridden away for £75 per month over 48 months. The GSX-S125 can be yours from £69 per month over the same period with a £925.29 deposit, with no final ‘balloon’ payment and the bike owned at the end of the agreement.

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