Z1 Styled Retro Kawasaki Z900RS In The Works?

Nearly all the top bike brands have released a retro line in the past couple of years, but Kawasaki's response to market demand for traditionally styled machines hasn't been quite so speedy of yet.

Other than the genuinely traditional and recently-discontinued W650 and W800, they've stayed clear of the retro revivial. That might be about to change though, if Japanese magazine AutoBy is on the money. 

The latest issue says next year we can expect the Z900RS, a retro styled bike based on the Z900, with hints of the 1970s Z1, including fake engine fins for an air-cooled look.

The magazine's mock-up images, are one thing, but Kawasaki did trademark the name Z900RS a while back, so it's not too far off to assume a bike is coming that carries the name.

Historically AutoBy have been eerily good at predicting Kawasaki's intentions and given the market trend, it’s easy to see that a Z1 heritage line Z900RS could be a big success if it's priced close to the Z900’s £8249, which we loved.